For soldering operation in a jet solder bath or static-type solder bath. These oxides, once produced, must be removed to prevent defective soldering. To ensure positive soldering, various anti-oxidizing agents have been used so far. Molten soldering anti-oxidizing “SANTOP” having a form of metal tables is highly effective to prevent oxidization and defective soldering. Further, it remarkably cuts down soldering loss and, thus, contributes to improvement of the working conditions and the cost reduction.


“TOSCUT” is the anti-oxidizing alloy for molten Pb Free Solder.

The generation of oxide can be largely decreased by charging of “TOSCUT” and saved the consumption of expensive pB Free Solder. In addition, “TOSCUT” contributes to the cost-down by the decrease of soldering defects, upgrade of solder quality, good solderability and save time of removing job for oxides.

“TOSCUT” is the metal tablet, which has no problem of carbonization, besmear, involvement, etc.

Kind and Package of “TOSCUT”

(Red-Purple Label)
(Purple Label)
Usage Pb Free Solder Pb Free Solder
(High Temperature)
Temperature Under 350°C Over 350°C
(Co-Use with α)
Package 50 pcs/bottle
10 bottles/carton
50 pcs/bottle
100 bottles/carton


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